My Xerocon Austin 2017 Experience

January 3, 2018

My Xerocon Austin 2017 Experience
It was a cold yet sunny Wednesday morning at the Fair Market in Austin Texas as Xero held its grand spectacle known as Xerocon. Having attended six Xerocons (Australia and US included) and some Roadshows in Asia, my team and I were very excited to participate and learn more from the best in the industry.

Summer Turned into Winter

It was a hot and sunny Monday afternoon when our plane landed in Austin. Come Day 1 and 2 of Xerocon, the weather dropped to the 40s! Thank God we were provided blankets, and I was glad to share it with my hubbie. Yes, it’s the most wonderful time of the year!

Lesson #1 – Sometimes it’s good not to be prepared!

Day Two

Thursday — The second day of the conference was a very busy day for all of us, as we met with some CPA firms and entertained some questions when it comes to Xero conversions as well as bookkeeping outsourcing. Glad to see that most accountants nowadays are open-minded when it comes to these kinds of topics.

Winter became Summer

Marcus Lemonis, host of CNBC’s The Profit, demonstrated how to communicate openly within one’s organization. He asked very tough questions from the volunteers on stage, and I felt they were on the hot seat. But his questions were valid. In fact, I can totally relate to the experiences of the volunteer. Suddenly, I felt that he was talking to me!

Lesson #2 – Always make sure that you know where the other is coming from even if the truth hurts. This applies to your work and family.

A Season of Thanksgiving

When Marcus was ending his talk on open communication, he mentioned about volunteer work for employees. He required his people to do volunteer work, that way they can feel how blessed they are. If they serve other people, the natural tendency is to be grateful for what they have in life. The result is employee retention.

I felt that our organization is on the right track, teaching and spending time with abused kids, giving supplies to the indigenous people, and our employees giving their own resources to donate. One thing more that we have to do in our organization is to require all of them to volunteer. And for that, I thank Marcus!

Lesson #3 – Share not only your money, but your time and talent as well.

Hell Yeah, It Snowed in Austin!

It was a dream come true for most of our DR employees. They were praying to see some snow, and the snow came to us! We were so happy by the time we hopped into the party we partied like crazy. We were grateful to have met and seen some of our old and new friends in Xero and have managed to take a picture with them.

Despite a smaller venue, Xerocon still nails it when it comes to providing some cool learning experiences to us participants. It’s a great pleasure for all of us to become part of this event, for not only we had learned many things, but we’ve also managed to make new friends along the way, and got up close and personal with the people responsible for this historic conference! Hope to see you all at next year’s Xerocon!

By Jenny Galang